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Hadiya Mind & Movement

Why Join Hadiya Mind & Movement

We are an online movement studio that also focuses on the mind. Mind and movement are our specialty and passion. We move to keep the mind in tune; we hone the mind to keep the body agile and strong. Our classes are tailored to help you achieve a state of balance and inner peace, no matter your level of experience or physical condition. Join our community and discover the benefits of a holistic approach to Self care.

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Hadiya Mind & Movement
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Hadiya Mind & Movement

Wide Range of Movement & Mindfulness Classes

Unique & Holistic Approach

Experienced & Professional Teachers

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Discover Our Online Classes

Our classes are designed to help you find balance and inner peace, no matter your level of experience or physical condition. Join us and discover the benefits of a holistic approach to self care.

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Meet Our Yoga & Meditation Teachers

Our experienced and dedicated teachers are here to guide you on your journey to inner peace. Get to know them better and discover their unique approach to yoga and meditation.

Rev. Oni OM

Rev. Oni OM

 Meditation Teacher & Philosophical Counselor

Oni has been a student of religions since she was very young, studying & practicing the major world religions & many other spiritual paths across a broad spectrum.

Oni is degreed in psychology, philosophy, biology, & divinity and uses this experience in her counseling.

From her journeying into consciousness, Oni has founded The Practice, a program of self-mastery.

As a shaman &  guide, she walks between the worlds pointing the way back to OneSelf.

Dr. Shani OM in Pranamasana

Dr. Shani OM

Guiding Teacher of

Hadiya Mind & Movement

HEWA Yoga &


Shani is a former professional dancer & competitive gymnast. She holds a Ph.D. in performance studies & a certification in trauma-informed yoga. Through a yogic form called HEWA she has created & continuously curates, as well as other mind-body integrative practices, Shani uses her movement training, her own trauma, & 30 years of teaching experience to support the seeker in healing, strengthening, & liberating  themselves--mind, body, & spirit. 

Zayd Mustafa

Zayd Mustafa

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Zayd is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with over 7 years of experience. He specializes in Ashtanga and Yin yoga, and has a deep understanding of meditation and breathing techniques.

**Zayd is currently on hiatus and will not be taking on any new clients at this time

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Join our community and try out one of our yoga and meditation classes for free. This HEWA yoga class is perfect for beginners and will help you find balance and inner peace.