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What is an HMS V.I.P.?

At Hadiya Movement Systems, we are committed to community wellness & health education.

We understand that, oftentimes, those who need our services the most cannot afford them.

Health and wellness are our birthrights as human beings, and cost should never keep someone from realising the freedom & power in optimal health.

HMS began at a community center in Nashville, TN, and continues its commitment to community health by doing what we can to close the gap between economic means and community need.

Community health reflects individual health, and individual health must be bolstered by community health.

By becoming an HMS V.I.P., you help sponsor those who need assistance accessing the quality health & wellness programs that HMS provides.

How do I become an HMS V.I.P.?

Becoming an HMS V.I.P. is super-simple:

  • Join the Movement and become a monthly supporter at the V.I.P. Entrance

  • Choose your support level

  • Enjoy exclusive access to HMS courses and feel great while supporting the health and wellness of communities in need.

What are the benefits of being an HMS V.I.P.?

By Becoming an HMS V.I.P, you get exclusive access to the HMS Virtual Movement Studio for as long as you are a monthly supporter. You see new content first and are the first to know about new classes, courses, and live events.

Different levels of support also offer one-of-a-kind HMS merchandise after reaching certain milestones of support.

And, most importantly, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting your own health and wellness while simultaneously helping to support others as well.

Can I make a one-time donation?


You can absolutely make a one-time donation to the HMS V.I.P. Fund. By doing so, you'll get anywhere from 1 week to 3 months of HMS Online Studio access.

Become a V.I.P.

V.I.P. Entrance
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